Alaska:  2912 Saxon Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709                                        

Nevada:   2876 Jackie Circle, Minden, Nevada 89423                        

Phone: 775-721-3461 (cell) 

I began my love with clay after my son was born in 1976 and have never looked back progressing from a studio in the garage to the family room to a full blown studio in Fairbanks as well as Nevada.  My first studies began in Cordova with Joan Jackson at the community college there and continued after we moved to Anchorage at UAA with Al Tennant.  Many workshops followed as often as possible including Robin Hopper, Bobby Siedlman,  Don Reitz, Al Tennant, Clair Illian,, Dick Lehman, Hank Murrow, Joe Winter, Meridith Host,  and Sandy Blaine. 

Whimsy with function is my middle name and so use a combination of slab, wheel-thrown and extruded techniques to make pieces. .  They are fired in a variety of ways including high fired gas reduction, soda or wood fired with reduction  (2350 deg. F.),  electric oxidation fired (2150 deg. F.), and low fired raku pieces (1850 deg. F.) With soda fired pieces, we spray in soda ash mixed in water in the final stages of firing which volitalizes and lands on each piece.  They are each wadded so they do not stick to the shelves.  All pieces, except raku, are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. 

  If they make you smile while using them, they have succeeded in their purpose.  Enjoy.

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