What began as way to provide food for an Alaskan, homesteading family has grown into a generational family business. Charles & Elaine Hawks drove the perilous journey up the ALCAN Highway to begin a new life in what was then, the Territory of Alaska. Here, they raised seven children, various dogs, and for a short time, had a hand in raising livestock. Life was challenging. With hard work, they carved a life out for themselves.

Vegetable gardening was out of necessity. They truly lived off the land. Driving the trip to Fairbanks for pantry staples-in those days that meant flour, sugar, coffee; think Walton’s TV show- was a luxury that was only afforded a few of times a year.

Extra veggies soon translated into a farmer’s market on South Cushman run by their oldest children, Mike and Carol, and eventually with other growers in the area, the beginning of the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market.

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