ORDERING: Typically the weekend prior to the market I am selling at, I send out an email to those I have an email for (I have started a contact list of customers) and send them my menu and ask if they would like to “pre-order”.  You don’t have to pre-order, but if you would like to be on my contact list, go ahead and email me so I can add you to the list and keep you up to date with my products!  I also sell periodically during the year as a “pop up bakery”.  Contact me through rollingsconesbakedgoods@gmail.com.
I am known for my artisan breads: French Country, Sourdough Pumpernickel, Onion Dill and Rosated Potato Onion and Rosemary.  I always have scones – sweet and savory! – and my unique cookies: Prohibition Chocolate Chip, Gingersnaps, and Peanut Butter Mocha.  I also have a coffee cake, and then a tart and/or another cake – they’re not your typical cakes with frosting but something you wouldn’t find anywhere else: Blood Orange Pound cake, Rootbeer cake, and apple cake to name a few. I will also have two or three Gluten free items, one of which is the Alaskan Cranberry, Sourcream, pecan muffin (very popular).  And last but not least, I make granola with Alaskan berries, i.e. Orange Cranberry and Blueberry Cinnamon.
Rolling Scones is under the category of a Cottage Food Business.  I produce my baked goods in my home kitchen and can only sell my product directly to the customer.  This means my product is NOT subject to state inspection. Because I am producing my baked goods at home, I am a small batch bakery.

I am a self taught baker. My mother was an amazing cook and I learned to cook and bake from her by helping her in the kitchen as a child.   I like to combine flavors and make “not your usual” baked goods: my prohibition chocolate chip cookies have bourbon and tarragon in them and my Peanut Butter Mocha has espresso powder, and chocolate chips. I love seeing my artisan breads rise, knowing they are being made with natural yeast, which is either the traditional sourdough or a French levain.